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9 Amazing Whistler Tours in Winter For 2024

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Are you looking for things to do in Whistler in Winter? A tour is a great way to get out and soak up the incredible mountain views that surround Whistler Village.

You might find it hard to believe, but there is SO much more to Whistler in Winter than just skiing!

Whistler is a place where adventure meets relaxation and indulgence. There are loads of adrenaline activities that will get your heart pumping but there are also relaxing things you can do down in the village like dining tours and of course a bit of retail therapy!

Winter snow in Whistler

Dave and I have been living in Vancouver for over 2 years now and we are on a mission to try as many Whistler Winter Tours as possible.

This guide has a list of the best tours to do in Whistler in Winter and includes:

  • Ziplining
  • Helicopter Flights
  • Snowshoeing
  • Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Wining and Dining
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Exploring Glaciers

If you are visiting Vancouver, you should definitely leave at least 1 day free to check out Whistler. I have also included a couple of day trip tours from Vancouver to Whistler where you are given a day of exploration and adventure!

Why Should You Join a Winter Tour in Whistler

Winter can be a bit of a daunting time of the year to go exploring by yourself. I find that the easiest and most relaxing way to get outside and experience nature during Winter is to join a tour!

It takes the stress out of trying something new or trying to navigate a Winter snow shoe hike by yourself and can make your Winter vacation that much more enjoyable!

The Best Winter Tours in Whistler

1. Whistler Zipline Experience

💰 Price: < CAD$190
⏰ Duration: 3 hours
⭐ Rating: 4.9/5
Click here to book

Ziptrek’s Eagle Ziplining tour is one of the best things to do in Whistler in Winter and one of our favourites. You can do a ziplining tour at anytime during the year but in Winter you will get the most magical views of the snowy forest while you fly over the trees.

During this tour, you will do 5 ziplines in total and get to walk along 4 treetop suspension bridges which are a lot of fun. Each zipline is slightly different, with different views, lengths and speeds so you definitely won’t be bored on this tour!

Ziplining is great for those of you who want to do something exciting (but not TOO scary) while you are in Whistler. Plus you get some incredible views!

🧥 Clothing Tips

Winter in Whistler can be pretty cold with an average minimum temperature of -5 degrees Celsius during the day. Bring along the following with you:

  • Warm clothing (warm pants and a good sweater and outer layer – you will be up on the mountain)
  • Beanie
  • Gloves
  • Neckwarmer
  • Comfy, waterproof shoes that you can walk in such as hiking boots – you will be walking in snow
  • Snow clothing – If you don’t know what to wear, you could just wear your ski pants and jacket
  • ZipTrek will provide you with Yaks Tracks to grip onto the icy bits and snow on the day.

I did not dress properly when we did our ZipTrek Tour and instantly regretted it. I was used to the 10 degree c weather down in Vancouver and wasn’t ready for snow and icy air. 😅 Don’t be a Kerry!

2. The Summit – A Scenic Helicopter Flight

💰 Price: < CAD$295
⏰ Duration: 40 minutes
⭐ Rating: 5/5
Click here to book

Whistler Summit Scenic Heli flight Tour
Credit: No Limits Heli Adventures (via GetYourGuide)

This Scenic Heli Flight will leave you with views etched into your memories that you will never forget! Doing a helicopter flight around Whistler has been on our bucket list for a while now but having seen some of these views on our overnight backpacking trips like the photo above of Garibaldi lake, we know that the views will be absolutely incredible!

Please note that this is a year-round tour and the views during Winter will be much different than the photo above. Garibaldi Lake freezes over in Winter and becomes a dark blue surrounded by Winter Wonderland mountain ranges.

You will fly over gorgeous forests and get to see the famous mountain peak Black Tusk which is the shape of a tusk and extremely impressive to see.

3. Introduction to Backcountry Skiing & Split boarding

💰 Price: < CAD$170
⏰ Duration: 8 hours
⭐ Rating: N/A
Click here to book

Intro-to-Backcountry-Skiing-and-Splitboarding Tour
Credit: Mountain Skills Academy & Adventures (via GetYourGuide)

This is a fun but educational tour where you will be taken out into the backcountry next to Whistler Blackcomb. You will learn basic avalanche rescue skills, terrain analysis, track setting, route finding, and up and downhill skiing techniques.

This tour is for you if:

  • You are a beginner skier or snowboarder wanting to get into backcountry skiing or snowboarding
  • You are comfortable on intermediate terrain (blue runs) in a variety of snow conditions
  • You want to learn how to efficiently walk up hill in while touring
  • You want to learn how to choose your terrain based on hazards
  • You want to safe downhill technique

4. Backcountry Snowshoeing Tour with Guide

💰 Price: < CAD$125
⏰ Duration: 4-8 hours
⭐ Rating: 5/5
Click here to book

Credit: Mountain Skills Academy & Adventures (via GetYourGuide)

Snowshoeing in a Winter Wonderland can be a really magical experience! It can be a little daunting if you don’t know the areas because trails can get super confusing in the snow.

That’s why I recommend this guided snowshoeing tour to give you piece of mind while you enjoy being out in nature and not getting lost.

Snowshoes will be provided and you will get to explore a winter wonderland of beautiful snow covered forests and frozen lakes at a relaxing pace with a guide. This tour company actually offers several different snowshoeing tours including:

  • Crater Rim Snowshoe Hike
  • Garibaldi Lake Snowshoe Hike
  • Joffre Lakes Snowshoe Hike
  • Lava Lake Snowshoe Hike

🧥 Clothing Tips

Make sure you wear/bring warm clothing including the following:

  • Snow Gear including a puffer jacket and fleece
  • Beanie
  • Gloves
  • Neckwarmer
  • Waterproof hiking boots – the tour company can provide hiking boots however it is recommended that you bring your own to avoid blisters.

5. Whistler’s Hidden Gems: 4-Course Dining Tour

💰 Price: CAD$155
⏰ Duration: 3.5 hours
⭐ Rating: 4.7/5
Click here to book

Whistler Food and Wine Tasting Tours
Credit: Whistler Tasting Tours (via GetYourGuide)

Are you all adventured out and ready to relax a little? On this 4-course Food and Wine Tour, you will get to try the restaurants that the locals go to, enjoy fun trivia fames with prizes and make new friends!

You can add on drink pairings to this tour for CAD30 extra.

Fine Dining Tour

If you are more into the finer things in life, you could choose to do this tour instead. This tour is called Finer Things: 4-Course Dinner Tour in Whistler and is slightly more expensive at CAD179 per person. Some highlights include:

  • Learn the art of champagne sabering in a 15,000-bottle wine cellar
  • Have the chance to win fun prices during Trivia Games!
  • Enjoy a 4-course dinner at some of Whistlers award winning restaurants!

6. Whistler Snowmobiles Cruiser Tour

💰 Price: < CAD$220
⏰ Duration: 2 hours
⭐ Rating: 5/5
Click here to book

Snowmobling Tour Whistler
Credit: Blackcomb Snowmobile Base Operations (via Viator)

If you are looking to try something new in the outdoors, you HAVE to try snowmobiling! It is so much fun and you get a little adrenaline kick while soaking up the beauty of the mountains in Winter.

This Snowmobile Tour will take you along the backcountry trails of the Brandywine Valley. You will get incredible views of Whistler, Blackcomb, and Black Tusk and get to finish the tour back at the tour’s company log cabin with a hot beverage and a snack.

This tour is great for beginners and the tour guide will provide you with any winter gear that you don’t have already such as goggles, snow pants and jacket and gloves.

7. Glacier Helicopter Tour and Mountain Landing

💰 Price: < CAD$345
⏰ Duration: 45 minutes
⭐ Rating: 5/5
Click here to book

Credit: Blackcomb Helicopters (via GetYourGuide)

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see some of the most incredible views you could only dream of seeing! On this helicopter tour, you will fly through 12,000-year-old glaciers over my favourite Provincial Park near Vancouver, Garibaldi Provincial Park!

During the tour, you will land on a stunning mountain top which is perfect for photos so don’t forget your camera! The entire flight, your captain will provide you with commentary on where you are and what you are looking at.

8. From Vancouver: Whistler to Lost Lake Lookout Snowshoe Trip

💰 Price: CAD$265
⏰ Duration: 9 hours
⭐ Rating: N/A
Click here to book

Credit: 7 Adventures Ltd. (via GetYourGuide)

This Snowshoe adventure is perfect for you if you are staying in Vancouver, but want to get out and see some of the beautiful outdoors up near Whistler.

On this tour, you will join a small group of no more than 6 people and travel along the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler. With your group, you will snow shoe to Lost Lake Lookout and then head over to Whistler Village to explore at your own pace.

In this time, you could go shopping, grab a hot chocolate or even ride the Peak 2 Peak Gondola!

9. From Vancouver: Whistler Extreme Private Tour Adventure (Bungee Jumping)

💰 Price: CAD$725
⏰ Duration: 9 hours
⭐ Rating: 5/5
Click here to book

Man doing the Whistler Bungee in Winter
Credit: Beautiful Vancouver Explorer (via GetYourGuide)


I myself don’t think I could do bungee jumping but Dave has done it in New Zealand and would do it again!

Can you imagine bungee jumping into a Winter Wonderland though? It would be pretty incredible! Cold… but incredible!

This tour starts in Vancouver and takes you up the Sea to Sky Highway towards Whistler. Enjoy the view as these are some of the best highway views in Canada and quite possibly the world!

On the way, you will stop at Shannon Falls and Brandywine Falls. These are both some of the most beautiful waterfalls near Vancouver.

Then it is onto the real fun, the bungee jump! The bungee jump in Whistler is a 160ft drop into the Cheakamus River Gorge and bound to get your heart pumping! After the bungee, you will end your trip by doing the Peak 2 Peak Gondola in Whistler which has insane views of the surrounding mountains.

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Guide on the best tours to do in Whistler in Winter