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How to Visit Cascade Falls, BC and its Suspension Bridge

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Visiting Cascade Falls, Mission

Cascade Falls in Mission BC is like something out of a fairy-tale and one of our favourite waterfalls near Vancouver. The waterfall itself you can admire from a suspension bridge, which overlooks it. The bridge and waterfall are a short 15 minute walk to get to from the carpark. To get to Cascade Falls from Vancouver it is around a 1hr 20 mins drive. As walk to the waterfall is so short, we recommend having something else planned in the same area and making a day of it.

This guide will provide you with everything you need to enjoy the beautiful Cascade Falls! We have also included some additional spots to see to make the most out of your day trip to Mission.

We also have a full guide on the Best 16 Waterfalls Near Vancouver if you would like to check out some of the other waterfalls in the area.

girl standing on suspension bridge overlooking cascade falls

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📃 Hiking Stats

Walk to waterfall: Yes 
Distance of Walk: 0.75km
Toilets: Yes
Dogs allowed: Yes
Distance from Vancouver: 1hr 20mins

📍 Where is Cascade Falls Located?

Cascade Falls is located in Mission, British Columbia which is around a 1 hour 20 minute drive from Vancouver.

Click here to open the map in Google Maps!

Where to Park for Cascade Falls

The map above shows the carpark which you will need to park in for the Cascade Falls Trail. There are pit toilets located in the carpark along with a picnic shelter which can be used on a first come first served basis.

Getting to Cascade Falls via Public Transport

There isn’t any way to get to Cascade Falls via public transport as the Falls are located quite far from the main roads. If you don’t have your own car, we recommend using either Evo or Modo which is something we did a lot of when we first moved to Vancouver. These are car sharing services that you can use for just a few hours or an entire day and make day trips SO much more relaxing!

⌚ The Best Time to Visit Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls is a great rainy day hike near Vancouver! The waterfall is absolutely beautiful and because of this, it is a very popular spot amongst tourists and instagrammers. It is for this reason, that we recommend visiting on a rainy day.

We make use of our rainy days by chasing waterfalls as the weather doesn’t really affect their beauty and can actually make them even more epic! Don’t forget your umbrella and rain gear!

Best Season for Visiting Cascade Falls

We also recommend visiting any waterfall in Winter or Spring. If you go in Winter, you might have a magical frozen waterfall experience (depending on whether there has been recent snowfall), or if you go in Spring, this is the most likely time of the year that the waterfalls will be raging.

This is due to the snow melting and the Winter rain that BC is very well known for. If you decide to go waterfall chasing during Winter, bring along a pair of Micro Spikes just in case the ground is icy. If you need to purchase a pair, you can check ours out here.

Cascade Falls and Suspension Bridge in Mission

Although Summer is a lovely season to be out in nature, you have to be prepared to see much less of a waterfall during Summer. Some people we have spoken to who have tried to see some of the waterfalls here in Vancouver in Summer have described the falls as “a trickle” and “dinky.”

🕐 How Long is the Hike to Cascade Falls

The walk to Cascade Falls is only around 0.75km and will take you about 15 minutes one way. It begins in the carpark and takes you through a lush, green forest. From the carpark, walk over to the end of the carpark where you will see a trail on your right that goes uphill through the forest.

This is where you want to go. The hike is extremely short but also quite steep, so you might have to stop to catch your breath on the way up.

girl standing on suspension bridge at Cascade Falls Mission

Soon you will reach a set of wooden stairs which means you are almost there! Climb all the way to the top and you will see the suspension bridge which you can walk across to a wooden lookout platform on the other side. This is as far as you can go.

🥾 How Hard is the Hike

The hike to Cascade Falls is less of a hike and more of a stroll, however it is uphill so bring along a bottle of water with you. I would rate the hike as easy – moderate.

🐶 Are Dogs Allowed at Cascade Falls

Dogs are allowed on the Cascade Falls Trail and suspension bridge. When we were there last time, we saw an adorable dog that was too scared to go onto the suspension bridge and the owner had to carry her. The suspension bridge does start off extremely steep and might not be the best for your pup’s paws but all the other dogs didn’t seem to have any issues.

🌲 Leave No Trace

Whenever you are enjoying the the beautiful nature that our world has to offer, remember to leave no trace (LNT)! Respect the beautiful places that make British Columbia beautiful and take out everything that you take in, take only photos and respect the wildlife and other people. You can read more on the 7 LNT principles here.

Other Things to Do in and Around Mission

couple standing in a tulip field at sunrise

We have included a few ideas below that you could include to complete your awesome day out to Mission and Cascade Falls. These are also included in the map above.

Steelhead Falls

Steelhead falls is a half an hour drive from Cascade Falls and is another short walk from the carpark. The parking lot for Steelhead Falls is located on Dewdney Trunk Road and has a toilet available at the trailhead just out of the carpark.

The walk to the falls is a quick one through a lush green forest. At the falls there is a platform overlooking them with a wooden seat.

couple sitting at Steelhead Falls in BC

The Hunter Trail Hike

The Hunter Trail is a fire trail hike with limited parking. It is 40 mins from Cascade Falls, just a bit further past Steelhead Falls. The hike is 8km return and takes you to an awesome viewpoint looking North towards Stave Lake.

The trail itself is not very exciting, but we think the viewpoint is definitely worth it! I mean just check out the picture below!

couple standing at the Hunter Trail lookout overlooking lake and mountains

Chilliwack Tulip Festival

During Spring, there is also the Chilliwack Tulip Festival which runs for about 3 weeks and is around a 50min drive from Cascade Falls. The opening times are announced on the Chilliwack Tulip Festival webpage a couple of weeks prior to opening day.

It should also be noted that you can bring your dog! We saw so many cute puppies getting their pictures taken with the tulips. You could make a fun day of going to the Tulip Festival and then making your way over to Cascade Falls. We have written a guide about the festival here which will tell you everything you need to know.

Chilliwack Tulip Festival

💭 Our Thoughts

We have already said this, but this is our favourite waterfall near Vancouver because of how unique it is. We definitely recommend checking out a couple of the other waterfalls or hikes in the area if you have time as it is such a long drive to just see Cascade Falls and go straight home.

If you love chasing waterfalls and are looking for more waterfalls to see in and around Vancouver, we have a guide on the Best 16 Waterfalls Near Vancouver.

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