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Lynn Canyon Hike (Suspension Bridge, 30 Foot Pool & Twin Falls)

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Everything You Need to Know About the Lynn Canyon Hike

Distance: 2.6km / 1.6 miles, Time: 45 mins – 1 hour, Elevation: 108m / 354 ft, From Vancouver: 20-25 mins Dog Friendly: Yes, Toilets: Yes at the trailhead

If you are looking to get outdoors and do a short but beautiful hike close to Vancouver, this is the trail for you! The Lynn Canyon hike in North Vancouver is one of many beautiful Lynn Canyon trails. It is around 20-25 minutes drive from Downtown Vancouver and located in a stunning lush forest.

The trail is dog friendly and features an awesome suspension bridge at the start. The bridge is 50 metres (160 ft) high from the bottom of the canyon. It is around half as long as the Capilano Suspension Bridge but still really impressive.

The Lynn Canyon hike takes you in a loop around the bright green mossy and very often foggy forest. The trees that you will see here are Douglas Fir and Western Cedar Trees. Whenever we hike this trail, I feel like I have stepped into a Twilight movie! There is a spot where you can go swimming in the water safety which is popular not only in Summer, but also during Winter for icy dips.

In this guide, I will tell you everything you need to know about the Lynn Canyon Loop including where to park, the best times to visit and the different features of the trial.

Girl standing on the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

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📍 Where is the Lynn Canyon Trail

The Lynn Canyon trail is located in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park in North Vancouver. It is around 20-25 minutes to drive from North Vancouver. You can take either the Iron Workers Bridge or Lion Gates Bridge but it is best to check the traffic conditions beforehand.

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Where to Park

There are two different parking lots to choose from starting at different sections of the trail.

Suspension Bridge Parking Lot

This parking lot is located on Park Road and is closest to the suspension bridge. Driving along Lynn Valley Road, you will need to take a right onto Peters Road, followed by a left onto Park Road.

The parking lot at the suspension bridge also has a small cafe which is a bonus. Parking is paid from March 1 to October 31 but during Winter is free. For more information on the parking costs, check out the Metro Vancouver website.

Lynn Canyon Park East Parking Lot

This parking lot is located about halfway around the trail from the suspension bridge. It takes a little longer to drive to from Downtown Vancouver and can be reached via Lillooet Road.

Lynn Canyon Hike

❗ Tips for Hiking in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park

  • Lynn Headwaters Regional Park usually closes after dark. Make sure you check the signage depending on what time of the year it is before heading out on your trail and make sure you are back at your car before they lock the gates.
  • Many of the trails in the park are muddy. Make sure you wear waterproof shoes such as hiking boots.
  • During Summer, the mozzies are terrible! Bring along some bug spray.
  • Obey signs that are telling you not to swim or jump off rocks. People die every year due to cliff jumping or swimming in dangerous spots in the park.
  • Bears are spotted regularly in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park so make sure you have bear spray with you when out hiking.
  • This trail is not wheelchair or stroller friendly due to the amount of stairs.

🥾 Lynn Canyon Trail Difficulty

stairs along the Lynn Canyon Hike

The Lynn Canyon trail consists of a mix of flat trail and stairs. It is very short, however I would rate it as moderate difficulty due to the stairs but it is also a really great trail for a quick stroll. The trail can also be quite muddy if it has rained recently so make sure you wear appropriate footwear.

The Lynn Canyon Loop is a great family friendly trail and the 3 attractions along the way will help keep your kids entertained.

Please note that the Lynn Canyon Hike hiking trail is not wheelchair or stroller friendly.

🕐 When is the Best Time to do the Lynn Canyon Hike

Because the hike is through the forest, it doesn’t need to be a perfect sunny day to do the Lynn Canyon Hike. We actually prefer to do this trail on a rainy moody day because the forest is really beautiful in the rain. The Lynn Canyon Loop can be done in any season. It snows there very occasionally in the Winter and is a great place in the Summer to cool off in the 30 Foot Pool.

🥑 Lynn Canyon Cafe

The Lynn Canyon Cafe
The Lynn Canyon Cafe

The Lynn Canyon Cafe is located at Lynn Canyon suspension bridge which is an added bonus if you have parked here as you can reward yourself with a hot chocolate or cookie once you have finished your hike. The cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating.

They serve baked goods, hot drinks and cooked lunches.

🚶‍♀️ Trail Description

Lynn Canyon Hiking Trail

The Lynn Canyon Loop trail takes you through the lush forest along the Baden Powell Trail past 3 different points of interest, the suspension bridge, 30 Foot Pool and Twin Falls. During the Winter and Spring, the trail can be pretty muddy due to the rain but it is also very well maintained with boardwalks and man-made stairs.

The Lynn Canyon Loop is 2.6km / 1.6 miles long and will take you around 45 minutes – 1 hour to complete.

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

Waterfall that can be seen from Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

The Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is probably the most popular feature of the hike and is located at the very start of the hike if you park in the suspension bridge parking lot.

From the suspension bridge, you can see Lynn Canyon and a couple of waterfalls in both directions.

Unlike the Capilano Suspension Bridge, the Lynn Canyon Bridge is free. However, just like Capilano, it is hard to get the bridge to yourself on a weekend so if you are looking to take some pictures, I recommend trying to go during the week.

Choosing Between Capilano or Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

If you are trying to decide on whether to visit the Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge or the Capilano Suspension Bridge, remember that Lynn Canyon is free (except for the parking) whereas Capilano costs around CAD60 per person. Lynn Canyon also has less of a touristy feel to it, although it can be just as busy as Capilano at times.

One of the things that I love about Capilano is how huge the bridge is! It is a whopping 137 metres (450 feet) long, making it the longest suspension bridge in the world! Whereas the Lynn Canyon Bridge is only 40 metres (130 ft). Don’t forget that Capilano also has the pretty fairy lights during certain times in the year on the bridge and decorating the rest of the magical forest.

30 Foot Pool

30 Foot Pool in Lynn Canyon on a cloudy day

To head towards the 30 Foot Pool first, you will need to take a left after the suspension bridge. This will take you by the creek. Feel free to veer off the trail to check out the creek.

If you continue walking along the trail, you will soon reach the 30 Foot Pool around 10-15 minutes into the hike. You will know it when you see it because it looks like the perfect swimming hole! The 30 Foot Pool is one of the best places for swimming in Lynn Canyon. It is a really popular place for people to spend time at relaxing on the rocks by the water or going for a cold plunge. We were surprised to see about 4 people in the water in the middle of Winter!

The water in the pool is crystal clear and usually a bright green colour. It is extremely popular during Summer and is not overly large so can often be very crowded on the weekends. The 30 Foot Pool has become a popular destination for cliff jumping, however there is a lot of signage throughout the park reminding us that this can result in injury or death and it is not recommend.

Twin Falls

Twin Falls in Lynn Canyon

After 30 Foot Pool, you will climb a long set of stairs and then walk along a forest trail for a while, before descending back down towards the canyon. The start of the decent takes you down a sloped path followed by some boardwalks and finally more stairs. You will reach the lowest point of the hike and cross a small wooden bridge which looks over the top of Twin Falls on one side. On the other side of the bridge, you will be able to see a different section of the waterfall and the different pools that it makes up.

Twin Falls Bridge in Lynn Canyon
The Twin Falls Bridge

From here, the rest of the hike is up a bunch more stairs, until you reach a parking lot. Turn right here and you will find the Lynn Canyon Cafe and the suspension bridge where you started.

🐻 Wildlife in Lynn Canyon

Lynn Canyon is home to deer, squirrels and lots of different kinds of birds. Black bears are also seen pretty regularly in the Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, so make sure you carry bear spray with you.

Other Waterfall Trails to check out in North Vancouver

North Vancouver is full of amazing trails to explore. If you have some time in North Vancouver, why not check out a couple of other awesome trails? The follow 2 trails that I have listed are also located in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park and are trails that lead to some really gorgeous waterfalls. They are both great trails to do on a cloudy or even rainy day.

Norvan Falls

Distance: 14km / 8.7 miles | Elevation: 195 metres / 639 ft | Time: 4-5 hrs |  Level: Moderate

girl standing at waterfall base on log

Norvan Falls is another hike in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park in North Vancouver with a waterfall AND a small suspension bridge! It is a long but relatively flat hike and another great one for a cloudy or rainy day in Winter or Spring. This is a great hike for the whole family as the trail is well maintained.

Kennedy Falls

Distance: 10km / 6.2 miles | Elevation: 150 metres / 492 ft | Time: 4-5 hrs |  Level: Moderatehard

couple standing at Kennedy Falls in North Vancouver

Kennedy Falls is another stunning waterfall located on the other side of the river from Norvan Falls. This hike is more of a scramble and much more muddy than Norvan Falls making it a little more difficult. Unlike Norvan Falls, the Kennedy Falls trail is unmaintained, making it a bigger adventure!

The Kennedy Falls trail takes you past an enormous old growth tree called the Big Cedar Tree which is really impressive.

Our Thoughts

This is one of our favourite trails for a rainy day when we want to get outside for some fresh air but don’t want to hike too far. We would also love to go for a swim in the 30 Foot Pool one day because it always looks so inviting! It is also a great place for taking moody foggy photos.

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Lynn Canyon Hiking Guide